Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

We can walk you through the whole construction process, from start to finish. We get you started by working with you to create the initial design. We spend time with you to get an understanding of what your needs are, and then work out how to achieve them within your budget. These are some of the things we do so you don’t have to:

  • Arrange drafting of construction plans
  • Provide you with a full estimation
  • Provide you with a fixed price contract using the HIA fixed price contract
  • Organise building and planning permits
  • Provide you with a detailed construction schedule before commencement with fixed time completion
  • Build your extension or new home in accordance with the Building Regulations and arrange for all works to be inspected  by a qualified Building surveyor to give you peace of mind

Do we need our own construction drawings?

No. We work with a team of highly experienced and innovative draftsmen, so we can create the perfect design for your extension, renovation or new home. But if you already have your own plans, we can take it from there too. We can give you a fixed quote to bring your design to life!

Do you do small projects? I just want a deck built.

Of course! We take as much pride and care in building a simple deck as we do in building a top-of-the-line 50 square home. It’s all about creating spaces that add to our clients’ comfort, enjoyment and lifestyle. And spending some of your hard-earned money on creating an outdoor entertainment space makes sense because it can add a lot of value to your home.

And what about a top-of-the-line 50 square home?

Definitely! We specialise in building customised homes of superior quality for clients who have outgrown their homes and want to upgrade to bigger and better things! We build anything from a deck to large townhouse developments. We have a dedicated team of professionals and experienced tradespeople to handle big projects. Our highly organised site supervisors and diligent building team make sure that the building processes for even the largest projects run smoothly according to the construction schedule and budget.

How long will my building project take?

That depends on the size of your project. For example, the construction work for a kitchen or bathroom renovation is often completed in just 3 weeks. A ground floor extension of several rooms may take 12 weeks, while a more complex second floor extension can take around 16 weeks. If we are building a new home for you, it again depends on the size—an average home of 250m2 usually takes about 12 weeks.

Prior to commencing construction, it takes 8 weeks to organise things like the plans for your extension or new home, building and planning permits, and the engineer’s input. Construction can begin in as little as 4 weeks after the building permit has been issued.

Whatever the size of your extension, renovation or new home construction, your project will be attended to diligently so as to keep the construction time down to a bare minimum. This allows you to confidently plan your family’s busy lives around the start and completion times for the work. We work hard to make sure you get to enjoy your beautiful new spaces or completed home as soon as possible!

You’ve already started ... Is it too late to make changes?

We understand that you may change your mind about aspects of the design or fixtures and fittings, and that shouldn’t add to your stress levels! We are happy to work with you to make changes throughout the project. We aim to be as flexible as possible in our approach to the build, which is something the big construction companies are often unable to offer. And we have endless amounts of patience! We will happily discuss any alterations to the design that will ensure you get exactly what you want.

Do we have to move out while you do our extension/renovation?

Usually not. We completely understand that it is inconvenient to uproot your family and rent somewhere else during construction, not to mention the cost when you are already investing money in your extension or renovation. Instead, we aim to work around you, and try to keep the disruption to your family to a minimum.

What areas do you work in?

We are a Melbourne-based building company and work throughout Melbourne, particularly in the Eastern suburbs.

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